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“There are a lot of people that are helping you to get to the top of the mountain for your retirement. There are very few people that are helping you to get down. And that’s what we do.”
– Mike Elkin

About Elkin Financial Group

William Michael Elkin

Certified Senior Advisor, Licensed Agent, Elkin Financial Group

My practice focuses on pre-retirees, veterans, and retirees. My mission is to help businesses, individuals and families take comprehensive view of their working life into retirement and beyond. My clients say I educate, simplify and inspire them to get their health insurance, long term care and financial life in balance to finish strong and navigate obstacles that can wreak havoc in retirement. You need a financial plan to achieve your goals and an expert to help you stay the course.

I’m an independent agent and represent many different Life Insurance, Annuities, Long Term Care, Group and Individual Health Insurance companies. I am a Certified Senior Advisor who is uniquely prepared to help older adults navigate the new, complex, and changing needs of their later years. I lead and mentor a team of agents with the various carriers and products we sell.

My mission is to help families, build people and better lives. I work as a Senior Health Resource Advocate that can assist with plan enrollment and educate people understand how they access thousands in Medicare benefits. I’m able to leverage my sales and management experience, business and financial background, consulting, training and technical knowledge to contribute to your success. All this culminates into a financial advocate to help you with the most important decisions in your ability to pursue the retirement life you have worked so hard for. There are all kinds of people willing to help you get to the top of the mountain. You need that person who will help you get to the pinnacle and enjoy the view for a safe healthy return. I am your guide to living well in retirement.